The UK Guild of Hypnosis Practitioners is a membership organisation and certifying body for professionals who use hypnotic trance and associated techniques such as NLP. Formally known as UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners, it was founded by hypnotherapy trainer, Wilf Proudfoot, in 1983, making it one of the oldest hypnotherapy organisations in the UK.

Over the years UKGHP has developed into a broad based membership organisation of practitioners using hypnosis for life coaching, business, creativity, sport, music, midwifery, counselling and, for its most common use, hypnotherapy. UKGHP members believe in the power of trance and working with the unconscious mind. They have experienced the usefulness of hypnosis in a variety of contexts and seek to help people and organisations achieve their potential.

Unconvention in May 2018

Swarthmoor Hall Inspires Fruitful Trance-formation! The agenda has a focus on personal change – on ‘Shifting’. Change can mean upheaval, involve a turn-around in life, or perhaps a nudge can be enough. Small shifts can have profound results, as they serve to realign us in more beneficial directions. Rather than presenters, we will invite guests to be ‘guides’ through experiential sessions, their focus being to show us ways to shift our thinking, our beliefs, our behaviour or our practice in various ways.

Message From the Chair

Newest Members

D.hyp, MPNLP, eft, MA, RNMH