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Lisa-Morgan-UKGHE-chair The UKGHE was established over thirty years ago, in the 1980s, making it one of the oldest hypnotherapy organisations in the UK. It represents hypnotherapists, coaches and trainers who use hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for positive change. All of our members seek to help people flourish and achieve their goals and I’m proud to represent such a group in the role of Chair. Here, in the UKGHE, you will find people who believe in the power of trance and working with the unconscious mind. They have experienced the usefulness of hypnosis in a wide variety of contexts. They work as therapists, coaches, trainers, and all seek to help people and organisations achieve their potential. Lisa Morgan

woman-591576_1920The Power of Hypnosis: Freedom

Hypnosis gives you access to the unconscious mind; a vital resource for resolving and freeing yourself from the underlying thoughts and feelings behind unwanted behaviour or conditions. Hypnosis is a process of attaining a very relaxed natural state.  By working in a hypnotic state, clients can be helped by their hypnotherapist or coach to think more positively, to come to terms with old hurts, release addictions, overcome fears, build self-esteem and improve their sense of health and well-being. Hypnosis helps people to help themselves with: stress relief, weight management, overcoming trauma, stopping smoking, losing fears, hang-ups, anxieties, phobias, improving relationships at home and at work, easier childbirth, pain management and issues that cannot be sorted logically by the conscious mind, but require the creative power of the unconscious mind to resolve.



The UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners is a professional certifying body for hypnotherapists as well as hypnosis and NLP practitioners. Over the years UKGHE has developed into a broad based membership organisation, for practitioners using hypnosis for life coaching, business, creativity, sport, music, performance and for its most common use, hypnotherapy. UKGHE was founded in 1983 by Wilf Proudfoot.

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If you're seeking to get support through the powerful tools of hypnotherapy or NLP, use our handy tool to find a therapist or coach near you.  We have hypnotherapists and NLP coaches across the UK and internationally who are all committed to championing the power of hypnosis for positive change. Some of our UKGHE members:

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Membership to the UKGHE is open to hypnotherapists, hypnosis practitioners and NLP coaches who have trained under the Guild or can demonstrate an equivalent level of training. To enquire about membership and its numerous benefits contact info@ukguild.com