Get Free From Trauma

At any one time there are many people whose lives feel ruined or destroyed following past events that just won’t go away. Often they live in silence and no matter how hard they try to push them away, bad thoughts, feelings and images keep returning to haunt and depress them.

The causes are many and widespread and can range from being in a car accident, being violently attacked, raped or to bgeing abused in childhood.
The good news is that nowadays there is much that can be done to help. It doesn’t require having to talk about it – often the therapist can be unaware of the detail – and it is so quick and immediate that most people will experience considerable benefit from a single session from an experienced therapist.

Jean was driving along a busy road but although she managed to stop when traffic suddenly halted ahead, the car behind ran into her, resulting in whiplash. When after recovering from her injuries but still in pain, Jean tried to drive again, she felt anxious and panicky. She would ‘flashback’ to those brake lights ahead. Her sleep was badly disturbed. She felt in constant pain and depressed. Seeing a hypnotherapist she was quickly de-traumatised, helped to re-build her driving confidence and this reduced her pain.

Steven was on his way home one night when he was beaten up by thugs. They were never caught but this left him with panic attacks whenever he went outside alone. He had flashbacks during the day and nightmares at night. He lost his job and slipped into debt. On at least one occasion, he considered ending his life. After one hypnotherapy session, flashbacks and nightmares stopped. He was given a relaxation tape to listen to. When he returned 3 weeks later, he felt back in control and able to get on with his life.

Sarah was 45 years old when she sought help from a hypnotist to overcome her fear of the dark and of confined spaces. Assessment revealed that she had been sexually abused by an uncle, who threatened to lock her in a cupboard. Though he was prosecuted, her trauma stayed. She had seen various therapists but hadn’t been able to talk about it or deal with the flashbacks. The first session involved helping Sarah to feel more relaxed and into a better sleep pattern. After the second session, the results were quite dramatic. That evening she went home and, for the first time, felt comfortable to talk to her partner about the things she had bottled-up.

Brian Cooper