Steve Burgess CMH CHyp CPNLP SQHP

Telephone: 01482 870874



One of the UK’s most experienced hypnotherapists

Steve has been practising since 1992 and is one of the UK's most experienced
Hypnotherapists, with 14,000 hypnotherapy sessions under his belt. He works
with a variety of issues, including anxiety states, phobias, smoking
cessation and depression, usually working on the emotional causes of the
issue in order to heal it.

He runs his own training organisation, Lionheart Training, running therapy training courses in the UK and Norway. He is a senior tutor with the Norwegian Hypnosis Academy.

He is internationally acknowledged to be an expert in Past Life Therapy, and
his book 'Famous Past Lives' is published by O Books. His work has been
regularly featured in the national press as well as on radio and TV.