Hypnosis to help stop smoking

Smoking is known to be a serious health risk not only for the smoker himself but also to those who passively inhale the fumes. Smoking is today seen to be a dangerous and anti-social habit, and hypnosis has been used for many years to help smokers quit. Most smokers consciously wish to stop smoking but find it difficult. Nicotine is highly addictive but can be overcome in a fairly short time. However, the psychological dependence is often harder to deal with.
If stopping smoking only required a conscious decision, then most smokers would stop, but there are often strong subconscious reasons for continuing. Again hypnosis can be most useful, dealing with whatever the underlying cause. People often start smoking in adolescence when there can be a great deal of anxiety and stress in their lives and pressure to conform with their peer group. It is easy to see how a habit is formed.
Trancework helps clients to free themselves and to find more acceptable and satisfying ways of obtaining any “Benefits” from the addiction. People are often concerned their weight will increase if they stop smoking. This need not happen. Excess weight gain occurs when the smoker “swaps” his smoking habit for an overeating habit, both oral addictions. The hypnotherapist works to ensure this does not happen. Freeing yourself from nicotine with hypnosis can be easy, allowing ex-smokers a longer healthier and happier life; spending the money more happily and wisely.