Using Regression in Hypnosis

Regression is a magical process to get to the root cause of any problem or issue.
Almost unbelievably all that is required is to revisit, in hypnosis, those situations that bubble into your conscious mind when so very deeply relaxed.

Hypnosis is used to help the individual to achieve a very deep level of relaxation where the brain-wave patterns change from beta through to alpha and theta states. In other words, a level just before sleep is achieved whereby the conscious mind takes a backseat and thoughts, feelings and pictures come from the unconscious where they may have been buried for many years.

When we experience an upsetting, demoralising or traumatic situation, usually in childhood, our unconscious mind thinks it is protecting us by ‘putting the lid’ on it. This is the main reason why no amount of analysis or conscious thought will release the actual situation. The memory may well be conscious but, because the lid was put on the feelings, the cause never becomes apparent; in fact it may well be consciously dismissed. In other words whatever we consciously think the cause is, it’s guaranteed to be something different.

Once the relevant situations are accessed and the feelings re-experienced, there are subtle changes until it is noticed that the problem or issue has just disappeared. It is replaced by confidence, strength, self esteem, etc. allowing positive choices in life to be made, instead of being ruled by dysfunctional needs, phobias, fears etc.

The process is completely safe when guided and protected by a reputable therapist. Any trauma or upset released during the session no longer has any hold. When a client returns to full awareness after a session of regression, a huge relief is usually experienced together with powerful positive feelings.

Sue Stewart