Leon Tunney-Ware CMH CHyp

Telephone: 00353 98 21886
Email: roseandlee@hotmail.com



I am an experiences hypnotherapist who trained at the Proudfoor School during the mid-1990s. I am also a trained stress counsellor and hypnoesitherapist.


My mother is a qualified hypnotist and my grandfather was also a hypnotist, this led me to grow up with a keen interest and understanding of hypnosis and its benefits.


I have been trained in advanced hypnosis and hypnotherapy by Ormond McGill, the 'Dean of American hypnotists'. I have worked extensively in my private oractice in the Essex area during the mid- to late '90s with great success. I then moved my practice to Co. Mayp on the west coast of Ireland where I continue to work with clients from all works of life through referral only.


My main areas of expertise include pain management, phantom limb pain, class A drug addiction, alcoholism, psychiatric disorders, depression, panic attacks, IBS, post-natal depression, anger management, post-traumatic stress disorder, smoking cessation and weight loss.


If you requite any further information please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.