Jean Murton CMH CHyp PNLP

Telephone: 01843 587929



Training and healing for over 30 years, Jean Murton is a highly experienced clinical hypnotherapist.

All emotional problems can be overcome, and by helping you to change your perceptions at a subconscious level, you can make the behavioral changes required to discover the freedom of a brighter future.  “The human mind may indeed be infinite, we have the responsibility to probe it’s limits”

The Belmont Centre offers a workshop called ‘The Healing Grace - Highway to Health’ Rewire the pathways of your brain, and take a short cut to success. 

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Master in NLP (trained with John Grinder, Robert Dilts & Wilf Proudfoot) P.A.C.E

Retired Trainer for BAThH

Guild of Hypnotists & IMDHA - USA