Jason Smith CMH CHyp

Tel: 01274 413568
Mobile: 0775 882 4649
email: trancefixt@gmail.com

website: http://trancefixt.wix.com/hypnosis

Sports Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

The practice established by Jason Smith in 2009, specialises in hypnosis applications for sports, health and fitness as well as providing a wide cross-section of hypnotherapy services for all issues.

Jason works with all levels of sportsmen and sportswomen, whether they are professional, amateur or people who play sports for fun. He works with both individuals and sports teams / clubs. Prior to establishing Trancefixt, he spent over 10 years developing and honing new hypnosis techniques, many devised specifically for the sporting community, including powerful weight loss and sports training techniques.

He also specialises in hypnosis healing applications, working with people, charities and organisations to heal various physical ailments and to aid with recovering from illness or injury. With a keen interest in the power of the mind, he works both with individuals and in groups to further develop the minds potential.