Gürbüz Ahiskali CMH CHyp CPNLP

email: gurbuz_a@hotmail.com
location: 34710 Kiziltoprak, Istanbul, Turkey

Hypnotherapist and trainer in Istanbul, Turkey

Learning hypnosis changed the way I see life and situations. Since then I have been practicing and helping to bring quality to the lives of many people. Three years ago, I moved to my home country, to Turkey and started practicing and promoting hypnotherapy here in Istanbul and Antalya. I still have clients in England as well as Greece whom I work with using technology and still get very successful results. Although over the years, I worked with many clients on variety of issues, I specialise in low self-esteem, relationship issues, phobias (especially how to pass academic exams) and Past Lives. I also run workshops and training courses for professionals and those who want a change in their careers.