Confidence and Self-Esteem

Feeling confident about ourselves and having good self-esteem is fundamental to our well being.

The reasons for lack of confidence and low self esteem are diverse, ranging from deep rooted frequent criticism from adults as a child, a traumatic experience, being humiliated in a public arena , as well as your own inner critic, habitually beating yourself up. However the good news is that whatever the reason, it is possible to cultivate confidence & good self esteem in the here and now, ourselves.

It is impossible to feel confident if you are constantly giving yourself a hard time by criticising yourself. You alone are in control of what you think & choose to believe. You do not need to buy into negative comments from your inner critic, or negative comments from others. You can reject any negative self talk & render it powerless by changing it to something positive about yourself & your abilities.

Hypnotherapy and NLP are extremely powerful tools for eliminating negative thought patterns and beliefs about yourself, resulting in strong self confidence & a healthy self esteem.

It has been said many times, confidence breeds success & that applies to all aspects of your life.

Judy Christopher