Carol Chadwick CMH CHyp MPNLP

Telephone: 01430 424571



I have been a practicing hypnotherapist and counsellor for over 19 years. I have a wide experience of working with people and receive many recommendations from GPs and former clients. I hope you find the information on this page of interest and that I can help you.


My interest in hypnosis began when I used self-hypnosis during childbirth, and I am a strong believer in using a natural and holistic approach to help people.


I have trained extensively with the Proudfoot School of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy and am a member of the UKGHE. I have also trained with Marlin Training and Performance Partnership. I am a qualified hypnotherapist, hold a Diploma in Counselling, am a Master Practioner of NLP and an EFT Practitioner


Since qualifying in 1994, I have been a full-time therapist running a busy private practice. I have also worked as a hypnotherapist and counsellor in a large GP surgery, helping patients with a wide range of conditions which the doctors feel would respond better to complementary therapy than to medication. Other aspects of my practice include Occupational Health referrals from local business organisations, and training other therapists to use past life regression techniques.


My areas of specialisation include managing anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, IBS, smoking cessation and past life regression.Many other issues can also be helped with hypnotherapy and I offer friendly, professional help with all stress realted, emotional and behavioural conditions.


If you require further information or wish to make an appointment, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.