What we do

Our vision: UKGHE seeks to be the leading inclusive membership organisation dedicated to furthering the use of hypnosis and NLP for people everywhere to fulfil their potential, enhance their lives and achieve positive change.
Our purpose:
  • We promote the role and relevance of the practice of hypnosis and NLP in therapeutic, coaching, creative and business professions
  • We provide accreditation in hypnosis and NLP training
  • We offer our membership of hypnosis and NLP practitioners support and community to develop their practice.


Our History

UKGHE was founded in 1983 by Wilf Proudfoot.
WIlf Proudfoot - founding President of the UKGHE
WIlf Proudfoot - founding President of the UKGHE
  Many of the members of the UK Guild trained with Wilf at some stage. He was an inspirational teacher of Hypnosis and NLP, over the years training several thousands of people from all over the world. Wilf believed that the most important thing that a therapist could do was give people the experience of trance. His classes were always fun and often life-changing for the people who took them. Wilf was born in 1921 and passed away in 2013.  He leaves a great legacy of compassionate wisdom which he embedded into the hearts and minds of the many therapists he taught.